Once upon a time, a little girl with chubby hands and curly black hair, journeyed across many lands with one hand in her mother’s and one in her father’s.  They found peace, laughter, rain clouds, and ocean breezes.  They carved themselves a home and gathered many with love.

A degree in International Relations and one in Teaching have given this girl much to think about.  A passion for the written word and music have given her much to dream about.

Sareh Donaher is a published poet and graduate of SFU’s The Writing Studio. She is currently working on her first poetry manuscript which tells the story of her family’s escape from Iran during the Iranian Revolution and their immigration to Canada. She is the co-founder of The Wordshop Collective, a boutique writing and editing firm. She is also a Contributing Editor of the English section of Pelak52 magazine, an online Persian magazine . She has published poems in Sky Island Journal, The Elephant Journal, The Grilled Cheese Magazine, Pelak52 Magazine, and SFU’s The Writer’s Studio Anthology: Emerge18.

Sareh enjoys literary readings and has read at The New Dominion Reading Series, SPiEL Vancouver reading series, and the West Vancouver Art Museum, which was a live stream recorded event amongst a photography exhibition that shares similar themes from her book– themes of war, home, migration, and belonging.

When Sareh is not writing, she can be found cultivating other creative pursuits and dragging her family and friends up mountains and down coastlines in search of debauchery. You can find her musings on everything from writing and the arts to casting spells and having adventures on Instagram @thewritersway or on Twitter  @tweetsarehd. 


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